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About the Goto College Lymphedema Institute

At the Goto College Lymphedema Institute we conduct researches to ensure a safe and reliable lymphedema therapy and endeavor to make this kind of therapy widely known in public.

In our daily work together with patients, medical doctors and healthcare professionals from different fields of expertise we strive to provide evidence of the efficacy of the conservative treatment method: “Complete Decongestive Therapy“ (CDT) and furthermore work towards an establishment of a medical diagnosis-based therapy standard.
Together with university hospitals, colleges of nursing, research institutes and other healthcare facilities we undertake collaborative research projects. Moreover we support therapist training organizations like the NPO Medical Lymphdrainage Association of Japan (MLAJ) and assist certified therapists who plan to start an out-patient lymphedema treatment center throughout Japan.

In the future we will continuously endeavor to develop a further safe and reliable treatment environment by enhancing our activities and our network inside and outside of Japan.